Blood Pressure 911 Review – Improving Your Heart Health!!

Blood Pressure 911 is an herbal supplement that purports to support healthy blood pressure levels with vitamins, minerals, and various other natural substances.

Product Name: Blood Pressure 911

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Blood Pressure 911 Review

Blood Pressure 911 Review

The two main focuses of the supplement industry have been blood sugar and blood pressure. The rapid spread of pressure and blood sugar formulas in America has been remarkable over the past decade. These formulas are appealing because they have a natural appeal. To understand why, you only need to be familiar with traditional blood sugar/blood pressure treatments. Although blood pressure pills can save lives for those with severe blood pressure issues, they can also cause lightheadedness, drowsiness and other serious side effects. Supplements are a great option. Supplements can provide the benefits of blood pressure balance with no side effects if you use the right formula.

PhytAge Labs is a leading supplier of supplements and promotes Blood Pressure 911 as a popular product. PhytAge Labs has a great reputation in the supplement industry. The company has developed a variety of formulas with the common goal to fight the most serious signs of aging. We always begin our research by looking at the company behind a supplement. This review will be based on Blood Pressure 911, which is manufactured in FDA-registered facilities by the highly-respected PhytAge labs.

What Is Blood Pressure 911?

Blood Pressure 911 is an herbal supplement that purports to support healthy blood pressure levels with vitamins, minerals, and various other natural substances. By taking Blood Pressure 911 each day, you are purported to support healthier blood pressure levels, lower cholesterol, better cardiovascular health, and prevent hypertension, among many other advantages. But is there any real benefit to taking this pill? Are the claims made by the company responsible for making the product true?

Dr. Caleb Baker is the man behind the product. Baker is the owner and operator of Healthy Pressure Relief, a successful online company that offers a variety of healthy products. According to Baker, he saw a need for an over-the-counter hypertension treatment. He decided to develop and produce Blood Pressure 911, a high blood pressure remedy that would address the issues that typically caused patients to experience high blood pressure problems. Healthy Pressure Relief claims that Blood Pressure 911 helps treat various other ailments as well, including chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, PMS, menopause symptoms, and more. In addition to offering a money-back guarantee, Healthy Pressure Relief offers free trials of various different high blood pressure treatments.

Blood Pressure 911

How Does Blood Pressure 911 Work?

To see what it offers, you’ll have to read the product’s information sheet. Among its key ingredients are potassium, magnesium, calcium, chromium, vitamin C, vitamin E, guggulipid, licorice, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sodium davidinate, stearic acid, wakame, and hedera helix ivy. While all of these ingredients are natural, some, such as potassium sorbate and wakame, have been known to be toxic when taken in high doses.

While many prescription and over-the-counter medications to address the issue of hypertension, blood pressure 911 does not. This supplement does not tackle the issue of high blood pressure by promoting healthy diet and lifestyle changes but rather by simply providing additional blood pressure relief by alleviating its negative side effects on the body. While prescription medications work to regulate and control blood pressure, side effects can be just as dangerous. Fortunately, Healthy Pressure Relief is free of any harmful side effects.

Many people suffer from hypertension and feel that taking prescription medications is their only option. However, this should not be the case. Healthy Pressure Relief comes with all of the ingredients to help lower your blood pressure levels, without the side effects. That is what makes this product different from other dietary supplements. No other dietary supplement can offer all of the support cardiovascular health requires.

The key ingredients found in Healthy Pressure Relief include St. John’s Wort, Dandelion Root, and Red Raspberry Leaf Extract. St. John’s Wort contains an amino acid that helps support cardiovascular health. Dandelion Root improves circulation while Red Raspberry Leaf Extract boosts energy levels. Together, these two ingredients provide additional support to cardiovascular health while reducing the signs of stress. This supplement also contains an enteric coating to ensure that it stays fresh and full of flavor, for up to six weeks.

Ingredients for Blood Pressure 911

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 60 mg

High blood pressure patients often receive vitamin c supplements from their doctors. Vitamin c is vital for your overall health.

Niacin 2.5 mg

It is well-known for lowering LDL (bad cholesterol). This compound is also known to lower blood pressure by increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation.

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxal-5Phosphate 5 mg)

In clinical trials, Vitamin B6 supplements were shown to lower blood pressure among adults. Vitamin B6 is commonly prescribed to lower blood pressure.

100mg Folic Acid:

It is a water-soluble nutrient. People with hypertension or other heart diseases will find the Blood Pressure 911 Advance Formula beneficial.

Vitamin B12 100mg:

Deficit in vitamin B12 can cause many problems, including dementia and anemia. Vitamin B2 intake can also lower blood pressure and relieve many symptoms that are associated with it.

Hawthorne (Leaf- and Flower Extract)

Hawthorne flower extract and leaf are well-known for their antihypertensive qualities. This herb is a great option for hypertension. Numerous studies have suggested that it can be added to your diet for a healthier heart and cardiovascular system.

Garlic Bulb Extract

This herb contains many important components that are beneficial to your heart health. Allicin is a type of sulfur compound that relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

Olive Leaf Extract

The natural ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol naturally by using olive leaf extract is a benefit. It is one the most natural herbs mother nature has given us to treat hypertension and high blood pressure.

Hibiscus (Flower Extract)

The ability to lower blood pressure has been used by hibiscus tea for centuries, just like olive leaf. Numerous studies and medical research papers have shown that it is a noteworthy blood pressure-lowering ingredient in WebMD.

Buchu Leaf

Buchu leaves have been used for high blood pressure relief for hundreds of years. It is well-researched and proven to lower blood pressure.

Juniper Leaf

High blood pressure has traditionally been managed by Juniper berry extract. It is a diuretic that reduces swelling and lowers blood pressure.

Green Tea Leaf Bio-Derivatives

Numerous studies and research have shown that green tea can help lower blood pressure. Green tea also has antioxidants that are good for your overall health.

Blood Pressure 911 Bottle


  • Blood Pressure 911 reduces inflammation and improves overall body shape.
  • Blood Pressure 911 can clear blockages in the arteries and improve heart health.
  • The Blood Pressure 911 formula increases blood vessels and regulates blood pressure to a flourishing level.
  • The many user feedbacks have not shown any side effects.
  • Blood Pressure 911 is safe to use because it contains natural ingredients.
  • Blood Pressure 911 gives you high energy and makes you feel confident and healthier.
  • It may help you prevent heart attack, sight loss, and dementia.
  • The manufacturer offers a guarantee of a minimum of 90 days for your investment.


  • Blood Pressure 911 cannot purchase it online. They promise that it is not available on any other websites, ecommerce sites or physical stores.
  • Without a doctor’s prescription, these pills can not be taken if there is a pre-existing condition.
Blood Pressure 911 Result


Many people are concerned with taking prescription medications to control their blood pressure levels. Luckily, Healthy Pressure Relief has taken a natural approach to lowering your levels, while still providing a noticeable relief from symptoms. It is important to remember that just because a formula works well for one person, does not mean that it will work for another. There are no studies that prove how certain ingredients affect people differently. With that said, it is still best to consult your doctor before using any form of medication.

The company behind Healthy Pressure Relief is very clear about its mission. Its website boasts that the supplement has been clinically tested by thousands of experts around the globe. This is more evidence that the company has a lot of faith in its product. You can purchase Healthy Pressure Relief over the internet, with a money-back guarantee. After using the supplement, you’ll be able to gauge for yourself how effective it really is!


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