Fermented Green Supremefood Review – Best Probiotic Super Food!!

Fermented Green Supreme Food, a superfood green beverage powder, is made by Dr. Don Colbert from Divine Health. This Fermented Green Supreme Food review will examine this product and shed light on its divine qualities.

Product Name: Fermented Green Supremefood

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Fermented Green Supremefood Review

fermented green drinks and probiotics go hand in the quest for optimal health and longevity. Probiotic supplements and fermented green food products are part of a healthy nutrition approach that boosts the immune system and promotes sound digestion and nutrient absorption. Learn more about this relationship in this Divine Health review.

Probiotic foods have been around since ancient times when our ancestors first discovered the importance of healthy bacteria in promoting good health. Our diets were not very healthy then, and most of what they ate was filled with rotting meats, dairy products, and other nasty foods that contributed to a short life span. Probiotic foods like yogurt and fermented green juices such as Green Tea are excellent sources of healthy bacteria that help to keep us well. But there is a much better choice for those looking for supplementation of these important organisms – Green Tea.

What is Fermented Green Supremefood?

Probiotic supplementation cannot take the place of eating a balanced diet, but they certainly do play an important role when used in conjunction with other natural means. fermented grasses like kefir are a rich source of healthy digestive enzymes that are necessary to aid digestion and stimulate the production of good bacteria. When consumed in the form of tea or juice, kefir is an excellent digestive aid that also contains plenty of the important digestive enzymes. Many people have heard about the many health benefits of kefir, but it’s important to understand that the fermentation of the kefir must be done at cold temperatures. Kefir is not the same as buttermilk and does not contain milk or dairy products. In addition to boosting digestion and promoting a healthy level of bacteria, kefir is also an excellent choice as a probiotic food.

Fermented Green Supremefood Review Benefits

If you’re going to use Green Tea as a probiotic in your daily regime, then you need to make sure you use the freshest quality leaves, not pre-prepared tea bags. Kefir will retain its probiotic benefits for up to three days after brewing, making it ideal for use in conjunction with other foods and as a meal replacement. One packet of Kefir contains 30 servings of greens powder, so if you wish to ingest the whole lot, that’s about one litre of fermented green supremefood! This should give you plenty of value for money, but be careful that you don’t overindulge!

How does Fermented Green Supremefood Works

In order to benefit from the health benefits of fermented grasses and the probiotics they contain, it’s a good idea to consume them on a regular basis. Of course, you could always use frozen fermented green powders instead, but these tend to be very expensive. The best option for a daily intake is either a glass of freshly made juice from your own garden or a handful of freshly picked leafy greens. You could also try making your own fermented formula with grasses that you have either cut up yourself or bought fresh from a reputable supplier – the important thing is that you are drinking it. Kefir doesn’t have the shelf life of dairy products, so keep this in mind when making your formula.


When buying fermented green powders or juice, make sure that you are buying ones that are as healthy as possible. Ideally, you want to go for ingredients such as bentonite clay, pumpkin seeds, vitamin c, alfalfa and cascara sagrada, which are all known to boost immune system function and help with overall digestive health. Some brands of juice also contain beneficial ingredients like aloe vera and apple cider vinegar, which are well known for their antibacterial properties. Make sure that any leafy greens powders or juices you buy are organic and free of additives.

Superfoods & Nutrition

Because I am a bit lazy sometimes, I like to see things clearly so the label lists the ingredients in seven distinct categories. These ingredients are:

Organic Fiber Blend. Organic Greens Blend. Organic Vegetables Blend. Organic Fruit Blend. Pre/Probiotic Blend. Organic Botanicals. Finally, the Enzyme Blend.

  • Fiber Blend: Each serving contains approximately 2.5 grams of Organic Gum Acacia or Organic Flax Seed.
  • Gum Acacia is a texture agent that helps this powder mix well. However, it does have a lot of health benefits. It is high in dietary fiber and could lower cholesterol. You also feel fuller. Fermented Green Supreme Food is a great way to suppress your appetite if you are looking to lose weight.
  • What about Flax Seed? This ingredient is a favorite because it contains essential fatty acids, which is a missing component in most superfood green drinks. Flax seed is a good source of fiber and EFAs. It’s great stuff!
  • Organic Greens Blend: This formula shines in the greens section, which is dedicated to algae and grasses. Organic Chlorella and Organic Spirulina are just under 2 grams. This is an amazing algae. You also get a fermented grass mix.
  • Fermented foods and especially fermented grasses offer a treasure trove of health benefits. Friendly bacteria, among other benefits, not only adds benefits but multiplies those benefits.
  • It’s almost as if the fermentation triggers healthy metamorphosis, unlocking phytonutrients that wouldn’t be exposed otherwise. I have never seen fermented grasses in green drinks and I am impressed.
  • Organic Vegetable Mix: The vegetable section is somewhat lacking in Organic Carrots, Spinach, Spinach, Beet, Spinach, Spinach, and Broccoli. They’re all great stuff, and I love the fact that they’re organic. However, I would like to see juice extracts.
  • Organic Fruit Mix: Organic Raspberry, Acerola Cherry and Blueberry are some of the fruits. Good ingredients. Good ingredients.
  • Pre/Probiotics: Amazing amount of probiotics at just 550 mg. And don’t forget the probiotics found in fermented grasses. The good doctor seems to be very passionate about friendly bacteria.
  • Organic Botanical Mix: This blend contains herbs that can be used to boost energy, fight off free radicals, and cleanse the body. Although the total blend contains only 210mgs, it’s not bad because there are many other components to this formula.
  • Enzymes: My opinion is that no green drink powder should contain any digestive enzymes. They are easy to add and help with nutrient assimilation and absorption. Dr. Colbert’s Fermented Green Supreme Food contains 100 mg of Lipase. Protease. Amylase, Bromelain. Cellulase. Lipase. Your enzymatic bases will be covered.
  • This formula only contains 8 grams of calories per serving. This price range includes most mid-range green drinks, which are between 10-12 grams per portion.
  • Normaly, I would be a bit down about it because of that. But Fermented Green Supreme Food proves that quality overs quantity. He’s got it right with this well-rounded greens mix. The fermented grasses far above make up the few grams of potency that are missing.
  • Taste and Value: My opinion is that the taste and texture of this drink are excellent. The stevia is responsible for the green tea’s sweet flavor. While some people will enjoy the sweetness, others might prefer the natural earthy flavor.
Fermented Green Supremefood Review Ingredients


  • Green tea that is extremely well-rounded and thoughtfully made
  • Fermented grasses unlock a wealth of healthy nutrients, bacteria and other beneficial substances
  • All things are organic
  • As if the fermented grases weren’t enough, robust probiotics formula
  • Excellent quality ingredients at a very reasonable price


  • 8 grams per serving is a bit lower, but quality vs quantity is important.
  • Only 100 grams of digestive enzymes are required. It could be slightly higher
  • Powder form is available for both fruits and vegetables. Juice extracts are our favorite.
Fermented Green Supremefood User Review


As far as making your own fermented supreme food goes, it’s really quite simple. All you need is a simple, filtered water source, a phone number and a spoon. Mix together your desired fruits (you can use a variety depending on the instructions of the recipe you are following) and add your greens powder. Stir until the powder is dissolved. If it doesn’t taste right to you or it doesn’t blend well, don’t mix it. Simply give it a few minutes to blend into your desired consistency.

Fermented greens powder can be used as a flexi-master, flexi-friendly and flexi-rich in your own diet, or even as part of your detoxification routine. By mixing it with juices and smoothies, it helps to get those nutrients more deeply embedded in your body. You’ll soon get the divine health and energy boosts your body needs to maintain an amazing state of wellness.


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