Onyx Scalper Review

The Onyx Scalper also provides an effective trading algorithm which will help to guide you towards profitable trades more often than not.

Product Name: Onyx Scalper

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Onyx Scalper Review

Onyx Scalper Review

The Onyx Scalper displays data on your charts using a built-in trading algorithm that combines technical indicators. The trader’s interface is simple to understand, with color-coded trading indications. It may notify you via platform pop-ups, SMS, and email when it identifies a buy or sell trading signal. You don’t have to act on every signal generated by the Onyx Scalper. Every indication would be double-checked by me using my own market analysis. I’d also only pick deals with a favourable risk-to-reward ratio, so that a single bad trade doesn’t wipe out a string of winnings. Any currency pair and chart time range can be used with the Onyx Scalper system. Other asset classes that it can be used on include stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, metals, and energy.

Due to their liquidity and higher chart time frames, I prefer to trade large currency pairings such as the EURUSD and GBPUSD. I feel that this helps to filter out some of the noise from the lower chart time frames. You should trade in a method that fits your personality and trading style. The conservative, medium, and aggressive modes of the Onyx Scalper system are available. Each mode has a distinct amount of risk and trade frequency. The Onyx Scalper was created for smaller time frames (1, 5, and 15 minutes), but it may also be used for FX scalping, day trading, and swing trading.

What Is Onyx Scalper?

The Onyx Scalper has several major currency trading indicators. These include the following; the moving average convergence divergence (MACD), the moving average divergence (MACD Measured Timeframe), the Simple Moving Average Convergence Divergence (SMA), the moving average divergence calculator (SMA Calculator), the moving average trend line and the momentum indicator. Each of these indicators have been developed by highly qualified professional Forex traders using a variety of technical analysis techniques. The use of advanced techniques and statistical methods will produce more accurate predictions of market trends.

Onyx Scalper

The Onyx Scalper is an excellent product for all levels of Forex traders. At its highest level, this trading tool is suitable for individual traders who desire to make small, high risk trades to build a modest foreign exchange wealth. For many people, they will find this level of functionality sufficient. However, it is possible to trade the Forex markets in larger quantities with less risk by using Onyx Scalper in combination with a reliable strategy. For example, it can be used to exploit market weaknesses in order to increase the foreign exchange traded assets in your account. When trading in larger lots, this strategy can significantly reduce the amount of loss that you will experience.

How Does Onyx Scalper Work?

The Onyx Scalper also provides an effective trading algorithm which will help to guide you towards profitable trades more often than not. This is achieved by instructing the indicator to track certain currency pair price changes over time. In addition to being an effective trading algorithm, this indicator is also very easy to implement in your Forex campaign and is therefore suitable for all levels of trader.

The most important aspect of Onyx Scalper is that it is designed in such a way as to be simple and easy to incorporate into your Forex campaigns. It is therefore extremely suited to both scalping and day trading. The scalping approach is particularly useful when traders are trading on small amounts of capital. It is also highly effective at identifying trend directions which can then be exploited to create greater opportunities to profit. Many seasoned Forex traders use Onyx Scalper as part of their strategy, which makes this indicator ideal for new traders as well.

Features Of Onyx Scalper

We will be revealing all the key features in this section of the Onyx Skaper Review. These are the key features:

  • This indicator is available for M5, M10 and M15 in three time frames.
  • aIt supports all major currency pairs on the market.
  • This robot boasts a highly sophisticated trading algorithm that produces very high earnings.
  • You can set up multiple trading modes, functions and settings when using it.
  • The Onyx Scalper gives you live signals to help you identify the best trading trends.
  • This robot’s buy/sell signals are extremely accurate and will help you increase your profits quickly.
  • It comes with an optimized entry system feature to encourage it to exchange at the most profitable moment.
Onyx Scalper App


  • This indicator supports all currency pairs available on the MT4 platform.
  • Depending on which currency pair you use, there are different time frames.
  • On a sample account you can use the Onyx Scalper before exchanging it with your Forex account.
  • This metric is a favorite among traders and buyers at all stages.


  • Onyx Scalper has verified data from a third party website.
Onyx Scalper Result


Onyx Scalper has an extremely user-friendly visual interface that makes it easy to set up and experiment with. Once this indicator has been set up, it is also very fast to execute. Even though it uses a very effective trading algorithm, traders should not expect it to send out extremely rapid signals. Although the Onyx Scalper indicator will generate numerous daily signals, it is not appropriate for using as a standalone signal generator. Because of this, Onyx Scalper is only meant for incorporation with other high quality Forex signals.

The most important reason why Onyx Scalper signals are so popular with the Forex community is because they provide extremely reliable and verifiable results. Users can test their strategies using the free trial periods offered by the provider. They can also see for themselves the accuracy of the Onyx Trading Platform and the effectiveness of their own trading strategy. Finally, although Onyx Scalper offers extremely useful signals for free, traders are still encouraged to subscribe to the Onyx Trading Platform. This is because subscription to the highest quality trading strategy software is the best way to ensure that you get confirmed results and that you stick to a profitable trading strategy.


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