Super Affiliate System Reviews: Is It Worth The Money?


The Super Affiliate System is a wonderful place to start if you are a novice affiliate marketer. Is it worth investing in?

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Super Affiliate System Reviews

The Super Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing course created by John Crestani that will teach you how to profit from the $12 billion affiliate marketing industry. He walks you through his programme and demonstrates how to become a successful internet jetsetter without even having your own product.

You’re in luck if you found this page from a suggestion from a friend or through John Crestani’s book “Work at Home Secrets & Scams” because today we’re going to give a thorough Super Affiliate System review.

To determine if Super Affiliate System is truly the greatest affiliate marketing programme available, we’ll examine it.

We’ll discuss whether operating an internet business in the affiliate marketing sector is the best option for you. The affiliate marketing sector has experienced remarkable expansion. In fact, according to projections, by 2025 its size will have doubled. According to the data that is currently accessible, over 170 million transactions in 2017 were made using affiliate marketing. That should indicate that now is the ideal moment to make an affiliate marketing investment.

What Is The Super Affiliate System?

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System is a training programme that teaches you how to enhance affiliate income so you can make money from items you don’t own. The idea is to create a landing page that will encourage visitors to make purchases while generating income from each one. Crestani focuses on driving traffic to your website utilising paid adverts.

The Super Affiliate System offers more than 50 hours of content over the course of six weeks, making it one of the most comprehensive courses available.

The method includes tutorials and video lectures together with tests and homework to gauge retention of the material.

To provide affiliate marketers with a comprehensive approach for finding top affiliates, the Super Affiliate System was created.These are just a few of the major subjects that the course covers. See below for more information about the Super Affiliate System review. What other John Crestani reviews don’t discuss will surprise you!

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani has spent many years working in the affiliate industry and has aided thousands of trainees in launching their own affiliate marketing companies.

He is the bearded man who travels in the white Lamborghini and lectures about generating money online at several events all around the world.

John Crestani was the first digital nomad, earning money and travelling the world long before anyone else, if you’ve ever heard the word.

He has released numerous various courses over the years, but Internet Jetset or Super Affiliate System is the only one that hasn’t changed (though it has been updated annually).

John is a successful YouTuber with over 95,000 subscribers, and when his videos go viral, they can receive over 2 million views.

Numerous unfavourable evaluations about John can be found online, many of them are named “John Crestani fraud.” My recommendation is to read the reviews’ footers. Nearly all of them are Wealthy Affiliate members, as you’ll discover. Giving negative reviews to everyone but yourself is lesson one of that curriculum.

How Does the Super Affiliate System Work?

The Super Affiliate System is split into six divisions, according to John Crestani. He guides you through the process of generating your advertising and affiliate links in the first section so that you can start making money right away. However, you’ll discover how to choose and use the best affiliate networks in this area.

You can work with Crestani to identify the ideal market segment for your company. He also provides high-commission networks that would enable you to earn 50% more than competing affiliates. You’ll learn a variety of complex marketing strategies in the third session, including copywriting and developing strong pre-sells that boost sales. Because of the instruction they receive here, people who are skilled at affiliate marketing will be able to earn more money.

John Crestani shares some tips for you regarding Google and Facebook advertising. Facebook and Twitter, according to affiliate marketers, are the most successful social media marketing platforms. The fifth and last component of this guide will teach you how to use YouTube adverts. You will discover more about survey funnels in the sixth part.

In addition to the fundamental education, Crestani provides more than 50 hours of video content. As an added bonus, you will get landing pages that have already been made for you, ad setups, and swipes. Case studies, SAS coaches, and monthly coaching calls are all resources you can use if you need assistance.

Super Affiliate Systems is-john-crestani

Who Is Super Affiliate System Pro For?

Perhaps you’ve seen these pictures. These are meant to be Jonh’s students, and the image is from his website.

Even if I don’t like flamboyant fashion, John undoubtedly like it.

Super Affiliate System Pro is designed for beginners with a budget and some ingenuity, to put it simply.

John asserts that prior marketing expertise is not necessary. And you may learn how to make money without even having any technical knowledge.

Although I believe that experience is always preferable. Or at the very least to be aware of various digital courses in order to compare and decide more wisely.

However, it is reasonable to conclude that his training is designed for beginners who want to see results right away.

You must therefore create a budget for it.

In addition to the course fee, you’ll need at least a few thousand for traffic. Because that is what you will learn to do—how to employ paid advertising to acquire immediate visitors.

What you will Learn in the course Super Affiliate System

  • How to work less hours while earning more money
  • How to make affiliate commissions by running Google advertising Errors to avoid when running advertisements
  • How to acquire access to all affiliate networks’ VIP passes
  • How to Use YouTube Ads to Make Real Money
  • YouTube Ads Error You must refrain from
  • Why you should exclude adverts for mobile devices. Yes!
  • How to operate social media in a way that maximises your affiliate commissions
  • How to make everything automatic
  • Before we begin, it is wise to point you that if you choose to get the amazing Affiliate System today, you will receive an 80% discount!

Bonuses Attached To This Product

When you purchase this course, you will not only gain online access to the course materials but also benefits like:

  • An appointment with the author to ask questions and receive answers; this choice might not always be accessible.
  • a free traffic course that can be used to increase awareness and organic traffic
  • Old campaign archives that can aid in your understanding of affiliate marketing
  • affiliate programmes already running in various niches to get you started.
  • You might possibly receive additional add-ons in addition to this since they are occasionally added. For the most recent changes, visit the website.

Super Affiliate System Price

The price of the Super Affiliate System course is $997. Additionally, John Crestani offers a three-payment plan for $397, which would run you $1191. Because there is a 30-day money-back guarantee included with the software, you shouldn’t be concerned about losing your money. If within a month you do not see any benefits, you will receive a refund.

The possibility of receiving your money back from this programme if your affiliate marketing efforts are a success is one of its most intriguing features. If you earn $10,000 after finishing the course, John Crestani will reimburse you for your $997. To receive the money, he will give you a number of tasks to fulfil. Additionally, you will receive a lot of goodies, like Swipe files, regular training calls, pre-built sales pages, and cost-free advertising credits.

Super Affiliate Systems Price

Who Should Go for this Program?

This course is for you if you wish to work as an affiliate marketer or earn some extra cash through affiliate marketing. The Super Affiliate System provides all the knowledge you need to get started earning money quickly.

However, this programme is not a good idea if you’re one of the many people who have a habit of spending a lot of money on different courses but failing to finish them. It is not intended for those who want to earn millions of dollars over night. A lot of effort and commitment are needed for affiliate marketing.


  • Involves clear, step-by-step instructions
  • Excellent video tutorials and exemplary teaching methods are used in training.
  • An excellent choice for both beginners and experts
  • provides pupils with helpful templates and information
  • You will be given assignments that relate to the lessons you have learnt.


  • Learning can be difficult for a beginner.
  • There are no native advertisements on any of the video lessons.
  • A little more costly in comparison to online courses that are equivalent
Super Affiliate Systems Testimonials


With the most recent iteration of the Super Affiliate System, John did a fantastic job. More and more students find the training to be highly appealing as he constantly improving it.

The expense may be an issue for some people, but the benefit is that you can see results quickly. But in my opinion, learning how to drive in free traffic would be sensible, and this is what is lacking.

The starting budget is another distinction between the approach John teaches and the approach I have learned. With Super Affiliate System Plus, you need to have a few thousand dollars to see results, however with my method, you don’t need nearly as much money (apart from the cost for the course and hosting), which is a fraction of SAS.

However, we have also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of every system. I now know how to generate organic (free) traffic and use it (meaning monetize). It requires time and patience, which is a disadvantage.

Which approach do you prefer? Both approaches require work. Please share your thoughts in the comment box below; I’d love to hear them.


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After Sale Support

We offer an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee on the course & program, no questions asked and no action needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this Program Work in Any Niche?

Yes, you can find very effective items in any niche.

Is there a monthly Fee with the Super Affiliate System?

There is a one-time fee for the Super Affiliate System 3.0 (formerly known as the Internet Jetset System).

I don’t have any experience. Is this possible?

Yes, the instruction is step-by-step so that anyone, regardless of expertise, may follow.

Where do I begin?

You must have an introduction from one of our current clients in order to work with John and the team.

The price depends on the type, number, and frequency of data purchases made by your company.


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